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AI Assistant Artificial Intelligence Plugin

Support for Open AI's Chat GPT and other models directly in your dashboard

AI Assistant is a WordPress plugin that allows you to interact with Open AI artificial intelligence directly in the post editor. With AI Assistant you can easily create articles or texts, get inspiration for new content or simply ask questions.

Important: To use AI Assistant, you need the ZuestMedia base plugin “ZMPlugin”.

Is the AI Assistant plugin free of charge?

Yes, the AI Assistant WordPress plugin is free to download and use. However, an Open AI API key is required to connect the plugin to Open AI’s interface. For this, you need to register at and generate an API key. There may be a cost for using Open AI’s interface.

How does AI Assistant work?

To send a request to the GPT model, simply click the “Open AI Assistant” button in the Contribute Editor and submit the desired input in the opened form.

Which models are available?

After the AI Assistant is connected to Open AI, all available models are queried. The models can then be selected and used individually.

Which input masks are available?

The input screens Completion, Edit and Image are available.

The Completion form is the most common for making requests to GPT models. This works like a chat bot that you can ask questions or tasks to.

AI Assistant Completion of data and texts
AI Assistant Completion of data and texts

The Edit form has two input fields that can be filled. First, the record or text to edit and second, the instructions on what to do with the input.

AI Assistant Edit data and texts
AI Assistant Edit data and texts

The Image form can be used to generate any images with Dall-E. Images can be generated based on individual text input.

AI Assistant generate images
AI Assistant generate images

Create & manage templates

AI Assistant can save templates of instructions that can be reused. Expert tip: It is also possible to use variables in templates that can automatically generate the title, text content, category or other content dynamically.

Settings & Parameters

In the AI Assistant plugin settings or directly in the input mask, various parameters can be preset or customized. For an explanation of the individual parameters, please consult the API documentation of Open AI:

AI Assistant

Categories: Plugin
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Last Update: 2023-11-20 12:50:50
  • WordPress Version: tested up to 6.4
  • PHP Version: 7.0 or higher

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