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About ZuestMedia GmbH

Here you can learn more about the ZuestMedia GmbH

History of the company’s roots

During his studies at the University of Zurich, Michael Züst launched his first web projects in 2010 and 2011, after his interest for websites, programming and online marketing was awakened. It quickly became clear that this was to become more than just a small hobby project.

As a result, ZuestMedia was founded by Michael Züst in 2010/11 as a sole proprietorship, which is an informal act of incorporation under Swiss law. For a sole proprietorship, it is mandatory that the name be included in the company name. This is why the company name ZuestMedia was chosen, which was kept for rational reasons. from 2011

The first noteworthy project that Michael Züst launched during this time is is a Swiss voucher portal for online shoppers that has been in existence since 2011-present. On this website, discount voucher codes, promotions, info on sales, sweepstakes, free products and other offers from partner stores and service providers are aggregated and published in an appealing form.

In the meantime Michael Züst changed from his studies to a job in an online marketing agency as an account manager and continued his publisher projects on the side. Especially was developed further and professionalized. Programming software and apps, including themes and plugins based on the CMS WordPress, has in the meantime become an integral part of ZuestMedia’s services.

Foundation of ZuestMedia GmbH

In 2015, the decision was made to found a company in the form of a limited liability company. In September, ZuestMedia GmbH was then officially founded and entered in the commercial register. From this point on, Michael Züst, in his capacity as owner and managing director of ZuestMedia GmbH, has been working full time for the company.

From now on ZuestMedia GmbH is the operator of, which has been renewed as a result, with numerous updates and improvements. Furthermore, ZuestMedia pursues the development of new technologies and projects in the World Wide Web, as well as their operation and marketing. Some of these projects are briefly presented below.

ZMPush – Web Push Notifications SAAS Platform

ZMPush was a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform that allowed website owners to send web push notifications to their visitors. The new Web Push API introduced in 2015, which spawned browser support for web push notifications, was a promising and, more importantly, new technology that ZuestMedia subsequently wanted to focus on. So ZuestMedia developed the SAAS platform ZMPush for website owners, which allowed customers to independently set up, manage and execute their web push notification campaigns with their own dashboard. As part of this, ZuestMedia also spawned the first official WordPress plugin to be listed in the official WordPress plugin directory. The ZMPush WordPress plugin made it easy to integrate web push notifications on any WordPress website. The service was discontinued in early 2020.

Expertise Software Development & WordPress

Over the years, the knowledge for the CMS WordPress and especially for programming & creating software like themes and plugins could be deepened more and more. Due to various applications that were successfully developed for customers and own projects, ZuestMedia has a long & professional expertise in the development of software, especially for WordPress applications.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

During the recent planning & development of the complete re-launch of aktione, it became apparent that the planned software components that would be needed for the website could be immediately designed openly, as specific to this project only. So the planned re-launch was postponed and a new project for WordPress themes and plugins was born.

As a result, ZuestMedia developed the ZuestMedia theme framework on the one hand. The ZM theme framework is designed as an open source project, which means that every operator of a WordPress website can use this framework and the WordPress themes based on it for free. The WordPress themes “Modular” and “Corporate” can be downloaded for free.

Secondly, ZuestMedia has developed the basic plugin ZMPlugin, which provides WordPress website owners with various essential tools and also serves as an extension for ZuestMedia themes, allowing the themes to be edited and personalized (layout, style, colors, fonts, etc.). ZMPlugin is also open source software and can be downloaded for free.

But since ZuestMedia is not 100% altruistic, for professional users and customers, there is a paid license for the ZMPro extension. ZMPro is a WordPress plugin that extends ZuestMedia themes and plugins with some premium content and features. With ZMPro, ZuestMedia customers also have access to the Pro Support forum, where professional help from WordPress experts is available.


New corporate website 2023

The website you are on is the corporate website of ZuestMedia GmbH. The company website is available in English or German. Here ZuestMedia is introduced and ZuestMedia WordPress Themes & Plugins are presented. This website is based on the “Corporate” theme, which can be downloaded for free.

Relaunch aktione 2023

Soon, will be completely relaunched, based on ZuestMedia’s newly developed WordPress Themes and Plugins and various specific extensions all developed in-house.

Aktione comes with a completely new user interface, which is now even better structured and built due to experience and the new technical possibilities. In addition to the more optimal presentation of content, aktione has a number of new features and personalization options that allow it to clearly stand out from the competition.

Outlook & Conclusion

As there is no shortage of ideas for further plugins, designs, new functions etc., you can be sure at this point that in the further existence of ZuestMedia GmbH many more applications will be added to the offer.

The software that ZuestMedia develops is regularly updated. Since all themes and plugins that we develop are also used in our projects, we are as interested in regular updates for security and to guarantee functionality as you are.

If you want to get in touch with us, you can find all the necessary details on the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.