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ZMPlugin essential tools

Essential tools that every webmaster needs

ZMPlugin is a basic plugin for WordPress websites and contains several essential tools that every webmaster needs:

  1. cookie notice (GDPR compliant).
  2. analytics integration (GA4, Tagmanager, Matomo).
  3. private mode for websites in development or temporary forwarding/redirection.
  4. send WordPress system mails via SMTP server.
  5. display options for dashboard and login form.

Furterhmore, all ZuestMedia themes based on ZMTheme-Framework will be extended with theme settings, customizer settings and desing explorer.

Plugin Features

Cookie Notice

Cookie Consent Banner for GDPR compliant integration of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Matomo (self-hosted).


Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager or Matomo (self-hosted) can be integrated. GDPR compliant if configured correctly.

Private Mode

Private mode to redirect visitors to the login form or to a page of their choice. Useful for maintenance work or not yet finished websites.


Send all mails sent via wp_mail() from your own SMTP server. Works for all system mailings and also with contact form 7.

WP Dashboard Options

Personalization options for the WordPress dashboard. WordPress logo, help tabs as well as footer text can be customized.

WP Login Options

Personalization options for the WordPress login form (wp-login.php). The login logo as well as the redirect destination can be customized.

Block Patterns

Access to a selection of pre-built block patterns that can be easily inserted in the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Block Templates *

ZuestMedia themes use block templates to display content statically or dynamically. All block templates can be edited using the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Customizer settings *

When using a WordPress theme based on the ZuestMedia theme framework, additional customizer settings are displayed.

Design Explorer *

The design explorer offers the possibility to import directly prefabricated starter designs.

* only available in combination with ZuestMedia Themes, e.g. Corporate or Modular


Categories: Plugin
  • Version: 1.0.27
  • Last Update: 2023-11-19 14:45:59
  • WordPress Version: tested up to 6.4.1
  • PHP Version: 7.0 or higher

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