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WordPress Plugins

ZuestMedia WordPress Plugins extend the functionality of your website
and lets you manage and customize ZuestMedia-Themes.

Important: All ZuestMedia WordPress plugins are extensions of the ZuestMedia base plugin “ZMPlugin”. That means, all our WordPress plugins, except ZMPlugin, cannot be used as standalone, but always need ZMPlugin as base. The base plugin contains various PHP classes and function libraries that are shared by all our plugins and also provides an overview of all installed ZuestMedia WordPress plugins.

WordPress Plugins
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ZMPlugin contains various essential tools for WordPress websites that any webmaster may need. This includes a cookie banner, analytics integration, private mode for development or updates, SMTP mail for sending mails and more...

AI Assistant

With the WordPress plugin "AI Assistant", you can interact with the artificial intelligence of Open AI directly in the post editor. Create articles or images with artificial intelligence via text instructions. Or simply let GPT answer your questions.